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Hey all, there's currently an offer over at iRacing for 3 months worth of subs for just $5. 

Find the offer at the link above, you'll need to scroll down a bit! 

For those of you who don't know (Or haven't had to suffer me droning on about it) iRacing is an online racing championship. It differs from many other sims in it's realistic car handling and organised league systems. Several hundred professional car drivers use the sim regularly to hone their skills when away from the track.

Get to the top tier and you'll get paid for winning. Currently to win a championship is about $16,000 I think. Not a massive amount but not too shabby either.
A lot of the races are televised on the internet, with commentators, replays, sponsors, just like real races.

You can race on road circuits, ovals and now dirt as well with a choice of about 50 cars and 70 tracks.

You can play with a mouse or joypad but a wheel and pedals is always better!

Come and lay down some times!


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