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teamGF Movie Night Information
teamGF Movie Night Information Section

Step 1: Sign up on (RIP Rabbit)
Step 2: Find teamGF Members on the site and add them as friends (@Blucid / @Pyrotechnical1 and @tGFMovieNight)
Step 3: Show up on time on the Kast app and get invited or join our movie channel. We also have a discord channel dedicated to the Movie Night.

[Image: movienightdiscord.JPG]

Step 4: Have fun and Enjoy the show. Dont forget the butter for the popcorn, @Corcid.
Step 5: After the movie is done, please rate the thread about the movie so we can get an idea of what people liked.

If you want to suggest a movie for another night, head on down and fill out our application. [ Click Here ]
** We are also going to spread the movie genres around a bit so we dont watch like 5 horror movies in a row or something. **

teamGF Movie Night Screen Information
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